Patriots Peace Memorial Adds 4 Names of Fallen

Louisville, Ky. (The Courier-Journal) As bagpipes played and a military honor guard stood at attention, Susan Clements carried a glass plaque bearing her father’s name into the center of the newly renovated Patriots Peace Memorial along the Ohio River. See…

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Repairs to Patriots Peace Memorial Nearly Complete

Louisville, Ky. (The Courier-Journal) Driving east along River Road, Susan Clements began noticing a white stone structure called the Patriots Peace Memorial and was drawn to stop to take a closer look. She realized it was a place her late…

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Courier-Journal Gallery for Patriots Peace Memorial

Louisville, Ky. (The Courier-Journal) Tammy Wells, chairperson of the Peace Memorial board, stands just off from the Peace Memorial where construction is currently underway to replace aging nameplates. May 5, 2014 See full article:–patriots-peace-memorial/8809301/

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