Dedicated to the memory of those United States Military personnel who have given their lives in the line of duty, under conditions other than those of declared hostile action.

Annual Memorial and Enshrinement Ceremony

Memorial Day, Noon

Each year on Memorial Day at noon, a memorial and enshrinement ceremony is held at the Patriots Peace Memorial. Glass bricks bearing the names of “patriots” who have fallen during the past year are presented by family members for installation within the memorial’s walls. All our military dead are remembered in a moving and respectful ceremony attended by veterans, family members, and the general public.


Ever mindful that military readiness is a dangerous endeavor, fallen patriots are enshrined each year during a solemn ceremony on Memorial Day. As a name is added, a brick is removed and replaced with a personalized etched glass identifying each patriot, signifying our loss. This void in an otherwise solid wall becomes a portal of light transforming the interior by day and radiating outward at night through each name as a reminder to celebrate daily the joy of freedom purchased and safeguarded by these brave men and women.
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