Honoring members of the Armed Forces who have lost their lives in the line of duty under conditions other than hostile action, this memorial is dedicated to those who have STOOD THE WATCH and will be remembered for their honorable service to our country. Each year on Memorial Day, we remember our Patriots enshrined within the walls of the Patriots Peace Memorial and give comfort to grieving families whose son or daughter we enshrine.

As a name is added, a concrete brick is removed and replaced with a personalized glass plate identifying each Patriot and signifying our loss. This void in an otherwise solid wall becomes a portal of light transforming the interior by day and radiating outward at night through each name, as a daily reminder to celebrate the joy of freedom safe guarded by these brave men and women.


In 2016 an extensive restoration of the Memorial was completed. A redesign and replacement of all glass plates was completed. Several areas of concern were also addressed as well as a general cleaning and updating of the facility. The Patriots Peace Memorial Board would like to thank all the individuals and organizations who made this endeavor possible.

“The Patriots Peace Memorial honors servicemen and servicewomen who walk constantly in harms way and who died while on active duty, but not in combat. It offers a quiet place for grieving families and friends to remember these fallen heroes.”
— David and Betty Jones