To protect and preserve the integrity of the purpose of the Patriots Peace Memorial and the veterans it honors, the Enshrinement Committee requires official documentation be provided for each veteran being nominated. The following documentation is requested:  

•  The official report of casualty from the veteran's branch of service.   This is similar to a civilian death certificate.

•  The results of the official investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death to verify it was not due to misconduct on the part of the service member or otherwise not considered in the line of duty.    

•  If requested documents are not available, the Enshrinement Committee may request other documentation, such as type of benefits received by next of kin.    

Only a military command, a veteran, or his/her family member can request service information from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.   There are about 70 million records on file, so provide as much information as you can.    In your letter, explain why you are requesting the information and your relationship to the veteran. Sign and date your request and be sure to include your mailing address.

You should include as much of the following information as possible:

•  Complete name used while in service
•  Service number or social security number
•  Branch of service
•  Dates of service
•  Date and place of birth may also be helpful, especially if service number is unknown
•  Last unit of assignment
•  Place of entry of service if known

National Personnel Records Center
9700 Page Boulevard
St. Louis, MO   63132-5100
Phone:     (314) 801-0800
Fax:         (314) 802-9195